Chromotherapy in the metaverse as a complimentary tool is being developed as a prototype in Stable Diffusion Hackathon.

November 14, 2022

Current stage: prototype. Priority of developing: 1 star.

our community Mental Health DAO is onboarded to MintKudos

December 04, 2022
November 21, 2022

Theralove as a therapy matching tool with the symptoms being described by the user is made in the Cohere Playground in Cohere Thanksgiving Hackathon.

Current stage: playground, code. Priority of developing: 3 stars.

December 06, 2022

Current stage: Mintkudos sponsored 44 total issues of NFTs.

Priority of reconstructing: 3 stars.

Mintkudos then is sunsetting in August 2023 and all communities using it for free NFTs as rewards would come to a pause.

It is as shown below.

Generative AI Hackathon awards Second Prize to I-Rene, our humble AI CBT chatbot. Previously with some future plans. Yet, the dedicated teammates are busy with other commitments. There are also different opinions on the safety issues to be resolved. Also, the code for testing of the demo version also crashed. The teammates still keep in touch and discuss about growths.

Current stage: Unresolved errors, formerly working prototype.

Priority of reconstructing: 2 stars.

Many projects above have faced issues that most start-ups & communities would.

Yet the journey continues.

After another long and challenging period,

we are growing stronger with love, determination and hope...

We believe in passion, sensitivity and the world.

note: the priority may or may not change depending on urgency and the status quo.

April 24, 2023

Contributed in conference and conference paper titled 'Mental Health and the Metaverse: Ample Opportunities or Alarming Threats for Mental Health in Immersive Worlds?'

October 2022 - July 2023

Created a series of mental health metaverse spaces from scratch. It used to be a project of application in a local start-up competition in March 2022. Teammates have other commitments. In July 2023, it is officially pivoting as a mental health metaverse start-up under one founder with a big shift and reconstuction.

Current stage: Developed 4 EEG-tested metaverse spaces with results on 7 subjects. Published 1 relaxing space with Healing Quest.

Priority of continuing: 4.5 stars.

There are also some events & testing of projects not added here yet.

Stay tuned, with love.

Current stage: Done.

Our story

NQVST is an alternative punk band currently based in Amsterdam but has its origins in Scandinavia. Annabell Bjelland originally started writing lyrics and short melodies during her studies at the University of Oslo, with no intention of ever sharing them with anyone. As fate would have it, it wasn't until a friend of a friend told Annabell that Kurt Sparks and Bernard Dayes were looking for a vocalist to expand their two-man sax-bass duo into what later become NQVST. Kurt and Bernard were impressed by the lyrical prowness of Bjelland and soon the trio was self-producing singles that would eventually become their first studio album, Centerfold.

Band members

Annabell Bjelland


Bernard Dayes


Kurt Sparks


Judd Finch